Setting up the Traps

Pest Control is a very important part of life at Kaipara Coast Plant Centre and Sculpture Gardens. By keeping the predators down we have lots of birds, and lots of birds means that we don’t have any problems with insects eating our plants in the gardens and plant nursery.

Yes there will be the occasional hole in a leaf, but we don’t get the serious damage that lots of people find in their gardens.

The biggest benefit for us is that we don’t have to use harmful insecticide sprays in the gardens and nursery, which is much better all round for the environment and also for those of us working with the plants.

We have recently finished building the new Harbour View Track, a 1.5km forest trail at Kaipara Coast Sculpture Gardens, and one of the final stages was to install 15 traps to try to keep the vermin out of the native bush.

Here is a photo of Kaipara Coast Plant Centre owner David Bayly about to install the traps. Within 2 weeks of setting the traps we had caught 5 possums.