Exhibitor Terms and Conditions Short Page


DEFINITIONS: ‘Exhibitor’ is the person or company providing the artwork for the exhibition.

EXHIBITION OF ARTWORKS. Exhibitors are required to commit to displaying their work for the entire duration of the 12-month exhibition. In the event that a work is sold during the exhibition and removed during the exhibition, it is the exhibitors responsibility to fill the resulting space with a work of similar size and style for the remaining duration of the exhibition.

QUALITY OF CRAFTSMANSHIP: Works on display must be constructed of suitably high quality materials and workmanship so as to withstand the environmental conditions and have longevity for the purchaser, and also be constructed so they are safe for members of the public to be around without supervision. Should any defects or damage occur to the work, the exhibitor is responsible for repairing or replacing it to a reasonable standard for continued display throughout the exhibition.

TRANSPORTATION OF THE WORK: Transportation of the works to the site and removal of unsold works will be the responsibility of the exhibitor. For works that are sold, removal is the responsibility of the exhibitor in conjunction with the buyer.

SELECTION AND PLACEMENT OF THE WORK: The curator’s decision will be final on the selection and placement of work.

INSURANCE AND SAFETY: The exhibitor is responsible for insuring their works. As this is an outdoor garden open to the public there are a number of external elements that could damage a sculpture, and so for this reason the exhibitor is responsible for insuring their works. The sculptures are located well away from the main highway down a long driveway, after hours a security gate is shut and locked on the driveway and alarms are activated.

SALES: Kaipara Coast does not take a commission from the sales of artworks, but does take a $150 administration charge on sold items over $400, which is deducted from the amount paid. On the sale of an artwork, the exhibitor needs to generate an invoice to Kaipara Coast Plant Centre Ltd for the agreed amount.

PAYMENT: Payment for work sold will be on the 20th of the month following sale.

IMAGES: Kaipara Coast Sculpture Gardens has the right to reproduce images of the sculptures for the purpose of promotion of the artists and the sculpture trail. This may include use for the catalogue, advertising, publicity, website, magazine, print media, TV, video and documentary.

PRIVACY: For privacy reasons Kaipara Coast Sculpture Gardens will not give out the exhibitors contact details to any member of the public without asking the exhibitors permission first. We will however collect details of their enquiry and pass them on to you.

OWNERSHIP: Ownership of sculptures remains with the exhibitor until the works are paid for.

INSTALLATION COSTS. Kaipara Coast Sculpture Gardens has a small budget available to cover some installation costs, however, we cannot cover additional artist fees or artwork production costs.

LOCATION: Kaipara Coast Sculpture Gardens is open 7 days from 9am to 5pm and is located at:- Kaipara Coast Plant Centre, 1481 Kaipara Coast Highway (SH16), Kaukapakapa, Auckland. Ph 094205655

1481 Kaipara Coast Highway, Kaukapakapa, Auckland. Hours 9am to 5pm 7 days. ph 094205655, info@kaiparacoast.co.nz