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An upright tree to 5m which produces heavy crops of smaller nuts after 3 years. Best in a sheltered frost free well drained site. Pollinator for Beaumont. (GOOD FOR: DRY, FLOWERS, FOLIAGE, HEDGE, NUTS, SPECIMEN, SUN).

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Harvest – Takes 4-5 years to first fruit and 7-8 months for the nuts to mature. Harvest from April to May when nuts are full size. To test pick a few nuts remove green husks and check colour of the inside of the husk lining, when dark brown pick the lot. Wear gloves, cut out socks for forearms, as leaves are prickly. Put a tarp under the tree, pull down by hand or use shepherds hook. Some drop naturally so pick up daily to beat the rats. Don?t pick in the rain as nuts are holding to much moisture. Nuts will fall to the ground but can also be picked. Post harvest 1.To remove green husks within 48 hours of picking. Spread the in-husk nuts out in a thin layer out in weather for 24hrs. The husks will dry and spilt so it can be removed with a knife. 2.When nuts are harvested, nuts have 23% moisture; ideal for cracking is 1.5% so need to be dried out. Put nuts in an onion bag in an airy, sheltered, rat-free place for 6-8 weeks. Shake the bag regularly so nuts don?t stick to shell in one place. Will store for several years in an onion bag in a dark airy place. Note: Nuts, like timber, will absorbs and lose moisture depending on humidity. 3.The dryer the nut the easier to crack. After 6-8 weeks put nuts in oven overnight (turned off but still warm from cooking dinner) for 4-5 consecutive nights. 4.Crack with a macadamia nut cracker using vice grips, woodwork vice or place nut in an indentation and hit with a hammer. Will keep the kids amused for hours. This macadamia cracks easily.


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