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Very fast growing very bushy screening plant, up to 2m growth in one year when planted in fertile well drained soil. Attractive bronze/ red new growth. Trims very well. Frost tolerant, grows most soils & sites. (GOOD FOR: DRY, FOLIAGE, HEDGE, SUN, WIND).

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These are what I consider to be the best hedging plant around. The 3L grades can grow up to 2m in the first year, so are perfect for planting as screening down a fenceline. They trim well – we have a 10 year old hedge which we keep trimmed to 1.8m tall, and it just stays looking great. The new growth is a bronze shade, which looks great around 3 weeks after you trim them. \r\nThey will get up to 6m if you need them to, but most people keep them to around 1.5m to 2.5m tall. \r\nThey are more drought tolerant than Griselinias, and they don't spread invasive seeds into the native bush like eugenias. \r\n\r\nPLANTING DISTANCES:\r\n50cm apart for a 1m tall hedge.\r\n65cm apart for a 1.5m tall hedge.\r\n80cm apart for a 1.8m tall hedge.\r\n1m apart for a hedge over 2.5m.\r\n\r\nPLANTING:\r\nFor best results, plant into good well drained topsoil, and mix in plenty of Kaipara Coast Quality Compost, add in Kaipara Coast Two Year Slow release tablets, and watch them grow!\r\n\r\nKaipara Coast Plant Centre is the exclusive grower of these in the North Island.


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