Waterhousia, Eugenia, Lilly pilly, Rose Apple

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Selected form with bushy growth ideal for hedges from 1m to 5m. White flowers, crimson berries. Light frost only when small. Excellent tight hedge. Trim 1-2 times a year. (GOOD FOR: BIRDS, DAMP, DRY, FLOWERS, FOLIAGE, HEDGE, SEMI-SHADE, SUN, WIND).

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These are also known as: Lilly Pilly, Waterhousia, Syzygium or Rose Apple, however they are all the same plant. rnWe don't promote these as we find that they set berries that the birds love, and these get spread into the native bush where they become a weed. rnWe recommend using either Griselinia or Photina 'Superhedge' instead.rn rnLots of people do like these, and most Landscape designers still recommend them, so we still stock them, and our suggestion is you prune them in the summer and again in the autumn to ensure you cut off most of the berries.rnPlant these around 60cm apart for a dense hedge.


1.4m to 1.7m


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